Magnetic Eyelashes … I Finally Found Some That Don’t Make Me look Over The Top!

Magnetic Eyelashes in Natural

I’ve been looking into eyelash extensions for awhile now but when I saw the price I thought no thank you! $200 for the set then $75 for maintenance … there are other things I’d rather spend that on.

That’s when my hunt for magnetic eyelashes began.

I didn’t want anything for length my eyelashes are already pretty long but I have a nervous habit (I have anxiety pretty bad, we’ll talk about that later) of pulling my eyelashes out. So I really just wanted something to make my eyelashes fuller.

I started looking at the Moxie eyelashes. I’m sure like most of you I’m constantly getting hit up on Facebook by their ads. So I checked them out, I still thought they were expensive over $100, however they say they last for 50 uses. I got on Amazon to see if I could get them off of there and get free shipping with my prime account. That’s when I started reading those reviews and looking at that section at the bottom that compares products.

That’s where I stumbled upon the ones that I eventually purchased for $16.00! I bought the natural ones to start with. My thought was if I liked these then maybe I’d get something a little bit more dramatic for evening attire. These eyelashes come with a large bottle of the magnetic eyeliner, applicator, wand and eyelashes. Seriously this was a steal. All of the other ones that I was looking at you had to purchase everything separately.

These eyelashes were a little long for my eyelids so I did have to trim them. They were also too long for my face, they were rubbing my brow bone so I trimmed them very carefully (while I was wearing them) to be the same length as my eyelashes.

I’ve been wearing them for a week and here are a few tricks that I’ve discovered for easier application.

You have to put two coats of eyeliner on and let it dry for a few minutes. I do my eye shadow first then apply the first application of eyeliner. I do my cc cream, foundation and contour then come back and do the second application of eyeliner. While that’s drying I do my blush, setting powder, bronzer, bottom eyeliner, mascara and then my eyebrows (this lets my mascara dry) and then I attach the eyelashes (I haven’t been putting mascara on the magnetic lashes). Then I finish up with the rest of my makeup.

When I trimmed the eyelashes I think I cut off the magnets on the ends. So I apply a little bit of eyeliner on the ends and then press the ends down. When the eyeliner is wet it’s pretty sticky so it works well.

Do you have a favorite brand of magnetic eyelashes? I’m always open to new suggestions! Leave them in the comments section below.

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