Did you know that they don’t check for Ovarian Cancer at your yearly women’s exam?

Did you know that they don’t check for ovarian cancer at your yearly women’s exam?! SERIOUSLY! I had no clue!!!!!

I’ve had a lump in my stomach/abdomen for quite some time now. I’ve been bringing it up to my doctors not just my gynecologist but everyone for awhile and all of them kept telling me that it was just part of my monthly cycle and I was feeling my eggs being released. They said that since I’m so small I can feel it more predominately. This explanation made sense to me so I bought it. However fast forward to a few weeks ago and I hadn’t had my period in a few months. I really wasn’t worried but I was still feeling this lump and it had gotten significantly larger. I called my gynecologist’s office to basically ask when to start worrying about not having my period? I was starting to think I was going through menopause even though I’m only 37.

I left a message for my doctor’s nurse and received a call back the same day. Now this is when I started to get scared instead of saying let’s get you in sometime soon she said my doctor wanted to see me immediately. She asked if I could come in tomorrow (this was on a Wednesday so she wanted me to come in on Thursday)? I told her that I needed to get a babysitter. I was able to get an appointment first thing Tuesday morning.

Like everyone I got on the internet and started researching my symptoms. Everything that I was reading was leading to ovarian cysts, ovarian cancer, PCOS, etc. what scared me was that my symptoms were more in line with ovarian cancer. I started thinking about it and I had my yearly check up in January. They would have seen something. Everything that I was reading about ovarian cancer said you don’t have symptoms until it’s pretty far along. Since I’d had my pap in January I thought there’s no reason to that’s what it is.

That’s when I read they don’t test for it during your pap which is also why it’s called the silent killer. Now I’m freaking out.

If you follow my stories on Instagram than you know I haven’t felt right since June. I’ve been going to the doctor almost every three weeks since July. My glucose numbers randomly started dropping and I started having hypoglycemic episodes. A couple of times I’ve lost conciseness. Which is why they put me on the Freestyle Libre 14 day sensor. The one that goes in my arm and I can get a constant reading on my blood sugar.

All my endocrinologist kept telling me was that I needed to eat more. I went to her twice and didn’t feel like I was being heard. So that was in August and September. So I tried to get in to see my Internal Medicine doctor in Dallas. I haven’t gone to see him in a couple of years because I haven’t needed to! He’s switched to concierge medicine (so he’s $2,000 a year, per person not household 🤦🏻‍♀️) the receptionist was telling me all of this and I was just like whatever I need to see a doctor. She told me because he’s concierge medicine he only sees so many patients. He currently has a waiting list and 47 people are in front of you. Fine, whatever ….

So I called my general doctor and made an appointment for my yearly physical with him. He told me that it sounded like I was hypoglycemic and needed to be eating a complex carb with each meal to get my blood sugar up. Since it takes longer for your body to break that down I shouldn’t have the dips. He wasn’t surprised he said this is somewhat common in people with celiac because they can’t eat wheat. Otherwise, he would suggest having a piece of wheat toast with each meal.

I keep these quinoa crackers on hand, David even likes them! Quinoa is a complex carb so I thought these would do the trick but they made my blood sugar sky rocket. One serving is 17 crackers so I put those in a bowl on the counter and every couple of hours I’d walk by and have 2-3 crackers. I did this for a week. I was so bloated I couldn’t even button my pants! I looked like I did when I was six months pregnant. I even took a picture one night and sent it to David worried that I was pregnant! Yes, we want another baby but not right now!

I went back to eating like I did when I was pregnant. Eating every two hours and my blood sugar returned to normal without all of the highs and lows.

So after a few months of no period, a lump in my stomach and other people starting to comment that I looked thinner. I weighed myself and I was down to 78 pounds. Remember I’m only 4’11”, my weight typically ranges between 85-90 pounds. With clothes on I’m ALWAYS 92 pounds. So this week when I went to the doctor I stepped on the scale fully clothed and was 69 pounds. Id lost 10 pounds in a week without trying. I haven’t changed what I eat. The only thing I have changed is I’ve quit “drinking” during the week. I typically only drink on Saturday night but I might have one cocktail during the week. It’s always something sugar free. Right now I really like tequila with fresca and sangria Crystal light.

While I’ve been waiting for this doctors appointment I’ve been terrified. I feel like I’m withering away and nobody will listen.

Now with no period and significant weight loss they’re finally listening to me!

When I was at the doctor I asked him if they check for Ovarian cancer and he said they check your ovaries but no they do not screen for ovarian cancer. I’m still in shock about this. Especially because there is a blood test that can be done. The blood test is called CA-125 that can screen for ovarian cancer. So why wouldn’t they do it when they’re already taking your blood? I just don’t get it …

Long story short I do not have ovarian cancer I have a bowel blockage which isn’t letting my body absorb the nutrients from the food I eat. I’ve been on all kinds of medicine, etc. and it’s not working. My father in law is a retired internal medicine doctor and he thinks I might have diverticulitis. Which wouldn’t surprise me because my dad and grandmother both have it and had to have surgery for it. So they want me to have a colonoscopy to check and to see what’s going on.

The point of this post is ladies get to know the symptoms of ovarian cancer and next time you’re at your yearly exam ask your doctor if they screen for it. Ask if they do the CA-125 blood test? In my opinion it’s better safe than sorry especially because if it’s caught early it’s totally treatable!

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