Face Wash / Makeup Remover when traveling

I wear a LOT of makeup and I know it! I used Neutrogena’s makeup remover wipes for years but never really felt like my makeup was completely gone. I also felt like I was pulling on my skin especially my eyes when I was trying to remove my eyeliner and mascara.

Awhile ago I started using DHC deep cleansing oil and I fell in love with it! I recently ran out of my big bottle so I ordered the travel size to see what it was like. The big bottle has a little brad that goes on the pump so it won’t come out when I throw it in my bag / travel. Keeping up with that brad isn’t always the easiest. So I thought the travel DHC was going to be my solution. The only complaint that I have about it is that it’s hard to squeeze. However, I love the size and it’s easy to keep in my purse makeup bag.

Sometimes when I go to my mom and stepdad’s house I decide to spend the night last minute, so it’s nice to have a few things on hand!

The one thing I hate is getting my makeup on their washcloths! So I apply the DHC cleansing oil to my face and eyes, then I use the Member’s Mark Fragrance Free Baby Wipes to remove everything. I double cleanse. For the second round I do use a washcloth.

The first thing I do in the morning is make a cup of coffee! While that’s going I use one of the wipes to wipe all of the oils and sleep off of my face. We have packages of these wipes EVERYWHERE because I’m obsessed with them. Plus a case is under $20.

When Kricket was first born we used Pampers Pure Wipes and David fell in love with them! He’s constantly outside working in the yard, hunting, at a construction site (he works in commercial real estate and is pretty much always in a suit) so his face gets oily / sweaty. He likes to have a package of these in his hunting bag, car, whatever so that he can keep his face clean. I had been buying the Burt’s Bees wipes but he prefers the Pampers Pure Wipes now … go figure!

Anyhow, when I’m at home I don’t mind using these cleansing cloths or washcloths but when I’m traveling I like to have something that’s disposable. The two that I’ve listed below are great. One’s biodegradable and the other is just a soft disposable cotton cloth so it’s entirely personal preference!

Just remember when you’re someone’s houseguest to be respectful of their things. Some people buy very expensive linens and towels and they don’t want your makeup all over everything!

DHC Cleansing Oil – Travel Size
DHC Cleansing Oil
Member’s Mark Fragrance Free Wipes
Pampers Pure Wipes
Disposable biodegradable face towel
Disposable cotton dry wipes
Makeup removal cleaning cloth
Erase your face cloth

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