Ranch, Bacon, Mushroom Kabob

What are we doing for the super bowl? I have no clue but I know we’ll have it on. Will we be watching the game … no probably not but it’s nice to be able to talk about it on Monday.

I know a lot of you will be going to a party and potluck parties are always hard because you don’t know what will be there that you can eat. Yesterday I reviewed the garlic Parmesan chicken wings recipe from last April’s book club (get the book here) and today I’m talking about the grilled chicken and ranch kabobs. They’re from the same book and they’re on page 198. They have 2.6 net carbs per serving and a serving is 2 skewers.

I made these with Kraft Ranch dressing and I used metal skewers. They slid right off! I’m not a huge fan of wooden skewers but if you’re taking them to a potluck party you might not want to leave your nice metal ones there. You could also use some inexpensive ones that you don’t care about! I’ll put a few options down below.

I followed the directions to a T … so I don’t have anything additional to add. I used our indoor grill to cook these. If you’re looking for a valentines gift for the griller in your life I highly recommend gifting this one! I surprisingly use ours more than I ever expected. It’s either been too cold to go outside, we’ve run out of propane in the middle of cooking dinner, etc. It’s one of those gadgets that’s been a blessing!

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This recipe takes a little bit of time because the chicken has to marinate for at least 30 minutes. My suggestion would be to cut it up the night before and let it marinate overnight so that it’s ready to go at dinner time. Otherwise, this is a great weeknight meal! You could even use it as the filling for burritos on a Taco Tuesday. I know it doesn’t have a Mexican food flair but it’s delicious!

What combinations do you like on your kabobs? Leave your favorites in the comments section below. I’d leave veto hear from you.

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