This week’s menu / meal plan update

You may have noticed that I haven’t been very active on here this week. Here’s why … Little Miss has fractured her tibia.

Last Sunday we went to my mom and stepdad’s for dinner. David and Kricket were upstairs playing, while we were preparing dinner. They have a large home theater that Kricket enjoys crawling around in. Outside of the theater is a living room with a small step down. David said Kricket stepped down and fell over. She was SCREAMING! We thought that it just scared her. She wasn’t holding anything, wasn’t bleeding so we really just thought it scared her. I mean we’ve all fallen down before and you can literally feel your stomach drop!

I ran upstairs and she only wanted me to hold her. We went downstairs and put a movie on. She’d only sit in my lap. She finally quit crying but looked like she could burst into tears at any moment.

We put her in her high chair for dinner and she did great. After dinner she went back to wanting to be held (which I did), we watched Encanto while David helped my mom with dishes. Kricket still looked like she could start crying any second but never did.

We went home and she went right to sleep. The next day she was VERY needy and wouldn’t walk at all! I felt like we were going through some type of regression because she was still smiling and laughing. On Wednesday we went back to our lake house and on Thursday we needed to go to the grocery store, so I was putting her boots on. That’s when I realized something was wrong.

She let me put her right shoe on without a problem. When I tried to pull it over her left ankle the SCREAMS that she let out were horrible! I started squeezing her foot, ankle, leg, and nothing. So I assumed she had a sprained ankle. Which as most of us know can be very painful! Later in the day she brought me her tennis shoes to put on her and that was when I saw her left foot looked swollen in her shoe compared to the other foot.

I started realizing that when she was standing she wasn’t putting any weight on her left foot. That night when I was on the phone with David I asked him how she landed when she fell? We went over everything and ended our conversation with giving me the task of calling our pediatrician in the morning to get her checked out.

I called as soon as they opened and was able to get an appointment for that afternoon. I was still convinced that she had a sprained ankle but we wanted to get everything looked at because she just wasn’t acting like herself. She’s very independent and lately it’s been a different Miss Kricket. She’s wanted to be with me at all times and this had been going on all week but she wouldn’t walk she’d only crawl.

About 20 minutes after I’d talked to our pediatrician’s office I got a phone call from his nurse saying he thinks that we have a fracture and need to go to a children’s ER immediately. That’s when I kinda started freaking out!

I called David to see where he wanted me to take her. There are a couple of smaller Children’s hospitals between our lake house and Dallas. While we were on the phone I just decided I’m bringing her back to Dallas. If anything is wrong than I want a Dallas doctor.

We arrived in Dallas at the hospital around noon and didn’t leave until 6pm!

This was the longest day EVER!

Having an almost 2 year old, not letting her walk around, trying to explain waiting, just everything was absolutely miserable. The ER was slammed so I think because we were basically stable we kept getting pushed to the bottom of the list.

However, this was when I lost it. This was around 3 or 3:30pm. A young man just getting over COVID and that has bronchitis came in and was coughing everywhere, he sounded horrible! They didn’t put him in a room. They had him sit in the waiting room and he was only a few seats away from us. They called me to the receptionist desk to give me an update. That’s where I was told Kricket had fractured her tibia and they were trying to decide what to do.

That’s when I asked if they could please get us in a room and away from all of these sick kiddos. I will pay for a room, just please get us out of this crowded waiting room. Especially since it doesn’t sound like we’re going anywhere anytime soon. They didn’t have any available rooms but the nurse was so incredibly sweet. She said she has a toddler as well (I think she could tell I was struggling) she told me that the chapel is closed because of Covid but she would let us go in there. I jumped at the offer! I wish that had been offered a couple of hours earlier but whatever it was so nice. Kricket missed her nap, her afternoon snack and dinner time was quickly approaching. I knew we were on borrowed time, so getting in a room where she could crawl around and explore was a God send.

We finally made it into a room and my cell finally started working! I guess it was a good thing that it didn’t work earlier because I would’ve drained my battery!

Kricket doesn’t like people to touch her so as they were measuring her for the splint it did not go over well. I was able to get The Heffalump Movie on (which did not hold her attention). So I switched to Encanto and she was in heaven. She didn’t move and was an excellent patient while they wrapped her leg. The nurse was so funny she said that we were the third patient that day that had that movie on.

I asked for a copy of Kricket’s x-rays and we waited for another couple of hours. When the nurse came in to give me an update she said that radiology was incredibly backed up an it would be another 30 minutes before they even got to our file. I said we’d come back for it! It’s 6:00 which is dinner time and we can’t sit here any longer. She understood.

She sure looked cute thou 😍 all of the nurses kept coming into say hi and to see her outfit 😂. Sweater, pants, hat, jacket, boots or view LTK post here.
View LTK post here with David’s Vineyard Vines Cashmere Sweater and Kricket’s fleece sweater

And Kricket somehow got the splint off while she was sleeping even though she was in her sleep sack?!?! What the heck?

I now have her leg wrapped so that she can’t really move it but so that I can see her toes to make sure they stay pink!

I’ve also moved all of the toys (that I could) into the living room so that she’d stay in here and not try to go to the other rooms to play. She’s a ball of energy!

So needless to say this is why I didn’t do a meal plan for this week and what’s been going on with us / why I didn’t post anything last week.

I’ll keep you posted with what happens after we meet with the specialist this week.

If you’ve ever had a toddler break a bone and you have ANY suggestions to help with energy please leave your suggestions below or send me an email at I need all the help I can get!

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