Valentine’s Day For Kricket

We made Valentine’s to send to family and God Parents! I put the monster inside the card and then handed Kricket all of the monster parts. She placed them where she wanted them. Then she “wrote” her name. It was just crayon scribble but still! This project took us a couple of weeks. We could only do a couple at a time before she was done. LOL!

I used these glitter heart stickers to seal the envelopes.

I put together a little Valentine’s Day gift for the bug a lug! I found this bucket on Etsy and I’ve got to say it’s the cutest in person! This lady has them for EVERYTHING. I wanted to see how it turned out first before I ordered another one. I bought the small and it’s the perfect size for a 2 year old. I’ll be ordering one for Easter and Halloween. It really is the cutest!

These are the Munchkin cups that we use and LOVE! I found one in red (it’s a little bit bigger than what she normally uses) and had a vinyl heart decal made with her name on it.

I wanted to get her a little outfit but I wanted something that she could wear not just on Valentine’s Day. I found this cute little outfit at Janie and Jack and of course I had to get the whole thing! Yes, I even got the scarf! David said she needed it . . . What for? I have no clue but I thought I’d tie it around the handle of the purse.

Shop Dress, Purse, Shoes, Scarf on Janie And Jack

And yes she needed some Valentine Pajamas! These come in red but I ordered the pink and the quality is AMAZING!!! They’re so thick and well made. I’ll definitely be ordering more from this store. I found her on Etsy as well.

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