Let’s catch up … Monday, March 21, 2022

Yesterday we were playing outside when I got a text from David saying we needed to come inside and pack a bag.

There was a fire that had started earlier in the afternoon and was out of control. Our house wasn’t in danger but if the wind shifted everything was going to be gone.

The wind has been HORRIBLE lately! We had a wind storm during lunch and lost power a couple of times, I didn’t think anything about it. Come to find out the wind storm caused a transformer to blow and that’s what started the fire.

They began evacuating the northeast side of our neighborhood around 5pm. David and I decided it was best for Kricket and I to leave then. We talked about it and it just made more sense to leave when we weren’t being rushed or frantic. Also, I did HORRIBLE! It took me about an hour to grab our things. Granted if it had been a real fire I would’ve left basically everything. It did teach us that we need grab bags for each family member. We need basic toiletries, pajamas and a couple of days with of clothes.

Two years ago I was in a Tornado and we weren’t able to be in our house for two weeks. We didn’t have power or anything. I was pregnant when all of this happened and David didn’t want me breathing in the fumes or dust so I stayed in a hotel. The grab bag would’ve been great because the tornado happened late in the evening and it was practically impossible to pack anything.

When David text me to come in Kricket and I were playing outside with new sidewalk chalk. How cute are these macaroons?! I bought them for Kricket’s birthday party. We’re having a tea party themed garden party and I thought the chalk was perfect. I was trying to save them until her party but she found my party stash! 🤦🏻‍♀️

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