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I found this diagram a few weeks ago on Pinterest. It was posted by Kelly Nan (check her out here).

Easter is quickly approaching and yes I’m starting to think about what I’ll be serving since I just found out WE’RE HOSTING!

David ALWAYS wants to serve this German sausage that we get in this little town that we drive through on our way to our lake house (it’s delicious). The problem is he doesn’t fix it before our guests arrive. He doesn’t start to think about it until everyone has been there for an hour or so. Which is typically when I think we should be sitting down to eat. so now everyone has been drinking for an hour and they don’t have any food on their stomachs. It’s not the best situation. So I like to have some type of charcuterie board that people can graze on.

For Easter I’ve decided to do your typical charcuterie board for the coffee table and a dessert/candy board for the kiddos. I’m going to put it on the kitchen table with all of the drinks and a flower arrangement. Due to cross contamination everything will be gluten free, it just easier that way. I know I’m normally a big advocate for sugar free but it’s Easter and frankly if you read sugar free candy labels there’s a ton of crap that’s even worse for you in there. David likes to use the phrase, “I’m not a communist …” I’m going to use it now. It’s Easter and I’m not a communist! We rarely give Kricket sugar and I don’t think giving it to her on special occasions is going to kill her!

I normally make all of our treats from scratch but I’m already making a full Easter brunch and no I’m not going to make candy!

I LOVE this serving tray! It’s extra large 12” x 16” and the fact that it’s clear allows you to decorate it however you want . . . for Friday night cocktails to Easter Sunday. Simply line the tray with parchment paper or decorative tissue paper like I have below. I really like this gingham tissue paper for this charcuterie board!

Shop Here
Shop Here


Jelly Beans:

These are hands down the BEST jelly beans! The only place that I can find them is online at CVS, fyi! I bought theses several years ago and they quickly became a family favorite! I really like to have some type of candy dish (with a lid) by the front door. I don’t know why but I feel like it makes the house a bit more inviting. David did ask me to stop buying them because he can’t stop eating them. I’m telling you they’re that good!

Gluten Free Cookies:

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These Glutino vanilla cookies are DELICIOUS! I discovered these when I was pregnant. They can be a little difficult to find which is why I’m super excited to have found them online. FYI, the chocolate version aren’t as good. In fact they’re a little chalky.


These have the highest rating on Amazon. If you’re like me then you probably HATE to pay for shipping! I feel like my $30 order quickly goes from thirty dollars to fifty because of shipping! So I’ll pay a monthly fee to get free shipping. If you don’t have a problem with shipping then order macaroons from Joy Macaroons. This store is in Dallas and it’s where I buy mine.

Candy Ideas:

This month’s book club pick is Around The Board and it’s all about creating the perfect charcuterie board. The author lays everything out for your perfectly. From the plan or theme to how to execute the perfect board. My favorite part about this book is that it’s broken into sections by the season, but she doesn’t stop there. She even has a guide as to what cheeses are in “season” and what wine to pair with that cheese. I LOVE that! (Read the post here)

Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas
How to create stunning charcuterie boards (click here to see some of my favorite charcuterie boards).

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  1. […] For August’s book club book I’ve selected Around the Board by Emily Delaney. Emily has created some of the most stunning charcuterie board designs. She even includes the design plan for most of her boards. If you saw my Instagram post the other day then, you already know, that this was a book i’d had in my Amazon cart for some time. I just couldn’t pull the trigger. Seriously, how many charcuterie board ideas could they really show me in a book?! (Be sure to take a look at my gluten free charcuterie board post) […]

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