Gluten Free / Low Carb Chicken Spaghetti That’s Keto Friendly With 7 Net Carbs

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I Love chicken spaghetti and have been looking for a recipe for years! I was first introduced to the dish when I was in junior high. There was a Mexican restaurant that we went to in Dallas and they served it for brunch on Sunday’s but their version was served with bow tie pasta and shrimp instead of chicken.

The dish found its way back to me after college. I moved from San Francisco, California to Wichita Falls, Texas to work for my family (talk about a culture shock!) Anyhow, my aunt would make this for dinner and oh my gosh I could not eat enough of it. However like most Hispanic moms, grandmas, aunts that are BIG cooks they don’t use a recipe or write anything down! Which is very frustrating! They do everything by sight and taste. That’s how my Aunt Rosie is. So I’ve never been able to get the recipe from her. Backstory Rosie had Covid really bad (pretty early on) and her taste buds have really not returned and she can’t cook like she used too.

If you saw my post yesterday than you know I’ve been looking for casserole recipes to alternate during the week for dinner. I know the government is saying eat legumes to help with grocery costs but I don’t find that very filling. Spaghetti squash on the other hand is full of fiber and if cooked correctly it’s not only delicious but it can be very filling with just a little bit of meat.

The recipe that I used last night for dinner I found on Pinterest (go to My Montana Kitchen here). If I’m being completely honest Pinterest is my least favorite place to get recipes because 1/2 of the time they’re horrible! Like that orange sherbet that I tried to make for my birthday dinner, YUCK! My FAVORITE website for recipes is hands down However, this recipe was pretty good, it made a ton, we’re going to be able to eat on it for awhile, and it was very easy to make. See below for my tips on how to make this a successful recipe for your family.

  1. This recipe walls for tomatoes with green chili’s. I used Rotel original. It was a little spicy especially after it had been sitting for awhile. I recommend using Rotel Mild especially if you don’t like spicy!
  2. The recipe calls for 3-4 cups of chicken. I used 1 cup of shredded chicken that I’d cooked the night before. I mixed that into the mixture. I didn’t time this right for Kricket’s dinner and was still cooking the remaining chicken at 5:40, she eats at 6:00pm. I cooked the chicken in the Instantpot which makes it so juicy and instead of mixing it into the mixture I chopped it up and put it on top and popped it into the oven to cook like the recipe says. It was so dry do NOT do this mix it into the mixture or save it to just place on top when serving. This will help you know how much chicken or protein your actually getting and it’s not getting lost in the spaghetti squash.
  3. I cheaped out at the grocery store and bought the store brand of cream cheese and sour cream. I didn’t read the nutrition labels until I got home. The name brands typically don’t have any carbs the store brand that I bought had several carbs so FYI read your labels if you’re doing strict Keto.
  4. This recipe makes a ton! So be sure to use a dish like this one that has a good lid to keep your leftovers nice and fresh so that you can continue to use this dish for a couple more meals. Another idea would be to divide this into meal prep containers like these that are microwave safe or covered ramekins like these that are also microwave/oven safe.
  5. Last but certainly not least, if you’re having a hard time cutting into your squash poke holes all over your squash and pop it into he microwave (I cook mine for about 3 minutes but you might need to cook it longer depending on the size) and then try to cut.
  6. Go to the recipe on My Montana Kitchen here.

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