Easter 2022 (The mood, the clothes and EVERYTHING in between)

Unfortunately, Easter did not go as planned but we still had a FANTASTIC weekend!

Our original plan had been to go to Easter brunch with the entire family. As Easter got closer my father-in-law decided it was going to be too crowded at the club and my husband suggested that we do lunch at our house and then do an egg hunt for Kricket and my nephew Tommy, who’s 9. The two of them decided that we’d still get food from the club. It would just be easier than having to cook for everyone.

Some last minute changes happened because of the menu. The club was doing a set menu for Easter and my FIL wanted steak, which wasn’t an option, so they moved Easter to Saturday.

I was talking to my mom and just a little bothered because nothing seemed to be going right. This was Kricket’s first REAL Easter with the entire family and I wanted it to be PERFECT!

Kricket’s Easter basket was delivered to the lake house. So David had to drive two hours to get it and he ended up hitting a deer. The Easter basket was completely wrong! It was supposed to be orange with ribbons and the one that I got was light blue.

I ordered her outfit in February when I thought we were going to be doing lunch at the club so she was completely overdressed.

All I kept thinking about was what my mom said to me the day before on the phone. It’s already happened and what are you going to do about it? Nothing so don’t let it spoil your fun! She was right. We had the best time together as a family.

The best part of the day was seeing Kricket go up to my mom, her Tillie (that’s her grandma name), and give her a HUGE hug without being asked. Later in the evening she did the same thing to my father in law. She’s NEVER done that before! It was so genuine and loving. It seriously warmed my heart ❤️. Yes, she’s hugged them before but never on her own.

Lamb is one of my FAVORITE meals! Before they decided to get food already prepared this was the recipe that I was going to use. AllRecipes.com is my FAVORITE place for recipes. They have this great rating system and I’ve found that if an recipe has more than 500 stars it’s going to be a crowd pleaser. This recipe has over 1,200 so I felt pretty good about it. To make this recipe gluten free I was going to substitute the bread crumbs for pork rinds.

I always joke that Kricket’s my little old lady and this picture is proof that she is!!

I tried to take the jacket off and she screamed at me! So she wore the jacket the entire night. She’s also commandeered my Chanel pearls, SMH! David finally took the sunglasses off of her. Yes, she was overdressed but this is what I bought so she wore it! Now she has a couple of dressier outfits for when we go to some nice restaurants on vacation. The tights that go with this dress are the sweetest (see the picture below). I’ve linked everything below and this dress is currently on sale!

Jacket, Dress, Tights, Sunglasses, Shoes, Barrettes, Chair, Vinyl Decal, Sippy Cup, Monogrammed Pacifier
These shoes would be equally as cute with this dress. We have them in black!
I also bought these sandals for this summer when it’s too hot to wear tights.
The tights!!!

Sunday we were invited to go to an Easter egg hunt with my sister-in-law but one of the cousins came down with Covid so that was cancelled. Instead we went to the park and went to a friends house. Their kiddos are older than Kricket and they were so sweet. Rebecca the 14 year old hid eggs and took Kricket around to find them. The two of them did this three times!!! She LOVED it!

These shoes are FREAKING adorable in person!
Romper, Barrettes, Socks, Shoes
LTK Post

I was so disappointed by this bucket! I bought my first bucket from this shop for Valentine’s Day and it was sooooo stinking cute! She has buckets for all kinds of holidays! They really dress up the package, in my opinion. I wanted to buy one first to see how it turned out, you know? I was in LOVE with it! I now keep crayons in it. So I was really excited about Easter. The orange one really popped out at me. I put the picture down below. I received the light blue bucket with no ribbons . . . There was a note from the shop owner that she never received the orange buckets. I left a review that it would have been nice to have been contacted and for her to explain the situation. I would’ve changed the design. Instead I received this one with no heads up. David said it looked like it was for a boy.

I tried so hard to make everything perfect. I even ordered everything in February so we’d have it in time.


At the end of the day it was what it was and there was nothing I could do except be thankful that all of us were healthy and able to be together.

How was your Easter weekend?

When everything seems to go wrong, especially when you’ve tried so hard to make it perfect, how do you deal with it? Leave your comments in the section below. I’d love to hear from you.

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