How I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, part III (Infertility and Miscarriages)

In part III of being diagnosed with Celiac I discuss infertility and all of my miscarriages. In tomorrow’s episode i’ll talk about feeling swollen and deciding to go Keto.

I know that I’ve been doing videos for this series but I’ve gotten cross contaminated (from gluten) somewhere and my face is so swollen and covered in eczema/scabs. So I’m not getting on camera! You guys are so sweet that I know you’d say it doesn’t matter but it’s really one of those things that bothers me and that I’m VERY self conscious about. So there you go!

In this segment of not knowing that I had Celiac I wanted to really talk about infertility and miscarriages because I had NO clue that the two were in any way related. David and I started dating in 2012 and got married in 2016. I guess you could say that we got married later in life compared to our friends. When we got married we really wanted to enjoy married life. We wanted to enjoy each other and for us that was traveling. I feel like we kept making travel plans and I remember thinking I don’t want to be pregnant on that trip! I’ll never forget what my mom said to me. She told me there’s NEVER a good time to be pregnant you’re always going to find a reason to not do it now. Oh my was she right!

When we decided to start trying I was all in. I got off of all of my medication. Birth control, obviously. I have severe anxiety and I’m prescribed valium for my panic attacks. I also have ADHD and I’m prescribed aderal. So when we decided that the time was right I got off of all medications. I even cut back on drinking/wine because what if I was pregnant and didn’t know it. David said I was crazy and going overboard. I even started following the fertility diet that supposedly helps increase your chances of getting pregnant.

I had the apps, the ovulation tests, everything. I felt like I / we were doing everything right. The first time we got pregnant we were so excited. We went to the doctor and got the news that no couple ever wants to hear. It wasn’t a viable pregnancy and my body wasn’t rejecting it. For those of you that don’t know there’s supposed to be a white sac around the embryo (I believe) and mine was black. My doctor gave me a cocktail of medications to force my body to move forward. It was HORRIBLE!

After that I had five more and was really starting to think this just wasn’t in God’s plan for us. Excuse my language but it sucked! It got to the point that I didn’t even want to take a pregnancy test because as they say ignorance is bliss. David and I wanted to be parents so bad. The worst one was we were on our way to Florida for a family vacation for two weeks. How were we going to explain this to our family especially with everything that we’d gone through.

I was eating these bars at the airport (I was starving I think I ate like 7 or more of them) and little did I know that they contained gluten. I miscarried that night. It was really the first time that we were letting ourselves get excited about this pregnancy and it was the worst trip ever because we couldn’t tell anyone and we had to grieve in our room together. I really don’t remember much about that trip except how much pain I was in and that I was pretty much in bed the entire time.

I have NEVER shared any of this before because well it’s private, but I wish that I’d known more than I did. Once I started looking into gluten allergies, gluten sensitives and Celiac, etc. I was flabbergasted at how all of the problems and pains that I was experiencing could all be linked back to one thing.

As I’ve said a hundred million times the reason that I started my blog was to share my experiences with all of you. I know that there’s absolutely no way that I’m the only person on the planet that is going or has gone through all of this. I share my journey with you to let you know what has worked for me and for that fact what I’ve tried and has NOT worked for me.

When you want to have a baby and you can’t get pregnant it’s the worst! I remember feeling like all of my friends were getting pregnant and I wasn’t. I even talked to my mom and said the same thing. She said that she remembered feeling the exact same way. I wish someone would have told me to request a blood test from my doctor to test for gluten and Celiac but nobody ever did.

I’m not saying that everyone has it but what I am saying is get to know the symptoms. Pinterest has a ton of great info-grafics that break down what the differences are between having celiac, a gluten allergy and just being gluten sensitive. If you’re experiencing anything that can’t be explained (my symptoms were; back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, violent allergic reactions, migraines, infertility, horrible periods, etc.) talk to your doctor about getting tested. It’s a very simple blood test.

I hope that hearing my story helps and that you know that you’re not alone.

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