Memorial Day

Most people think of Memorial Day as the start of summer with a three day weekend. For others it’s a day to remember the ones we lost while they were serving our country to keep us safe here at home. Like so many of us when 9/11 happened it was a shock to us as humans that this could happen here at home in our country.

I lost a very dear friend in 2013. Alex was a proud member of the U.S Army Special Forces, a Green Beret. He lost his life to an IED while on deployment in Afghanistan.

I will never forget getting that phone call that he had been killed.

You know the saying that certain friends essentially become your family? We had a really close group of friends. Our core group met in elementary school and stayed friends through high school. I left for college but still kept in touch. A few new friends were added to our group because the guys were in a fraternity. After college I returned to Dallas And then a few more friends were added through our jobs.

I have what feels like a lifetime of memories with these people. We were each other’s family. I was always the girl that was friends with guys, less drama. The downside to this (that nobody tells you about) is that when they started dating someone seriously you were gone.

Friendships are relationships and they take a lot of work. I feel like for me personally when Alex died our group fell apart. Or maybe I just quit putting in the work. I don’t know but I do know that Alex was one of the nicest humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Memorial Day always makes me think of him.

Alex and his dad used to fix up old muscle cars together. That was there thing. Alex’s parents stared a non-profit The SSG Alex Viola Foundation. The organization’s mission is to provide support to families of wounded and fallen military Special Operators. Their big event is the annual car show which is held in November.

I encourage you to check our their Facebook page and/or their website

Even if you don’t have any ties to the military or maybe you completely disagree with what they do, please take time out of your day to thank God that these people DO exist because if they didn’t life would be a whole lot different for all of us.!

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