June ‘22 Book Club Pick

For those of you that don’t know I live in Texas and am also Hispanic so Mexican food is a way of life here! I would even go out on a limb and say Mexican god ranks #1 here and then #2 would be bbq but I’m sure you could find some people that disagree with me on that statement.

The hard thing with Mexican food is that there’s a ton of flour tortillas, corn tortillas, rice and beans that are all used in dishes that make Mexican food not Keto friendly! Normally when we go to a Mexican restaurant (Mesero is on of our Favorites if you’re in the Dallas area) I order fajitas or carne asada since it’s just meat and always ask them to substitute their coleslaw for the rice. if you happen to live more in the DFW area Mesero just opened a location in Southlake, Texas (that’s where my mom lives and how I know this) and their entire menu is gluten free or at least that’s what our waitress told me when we were there on Mother’s Day for brunch! So AMAZING!

The reason I’ve selected this cookbook for this month’s pick is because one I LOVE Mexican food but two I’m also being funny. So if you watched my stories the other day on Facebook or Instagram than you saw my confusion with Amazon Music. FYI, if you have Amazon Prime you also get Amazon Music (I didn’t know this for the longest time). Anyhow I have a specific playlist that I run to everyday on the treadmill but when I’m in the car I’ll put on my soundtrack. Lately it keeps suggesting Mariachi music. I’ve never in my life listened to Mariachi music because I wanted to. The songs that they’re playing aren’t like popular Mexican bands like this is the real deal stuff you’d hear live in a real Mexican restaurant. So I’ve been so confused.

The only “Mariachi” song I do play and it’s not even a “real” song it’s a re-mix to a Michael Jackson song and I only play it or send it on Facebook and it’s to my best friend to mess with her because I think it’s so funny!

I don’t know why I can’t share the vide on my blog but I was able to share the video on my Facebook page. Check it out it’s soooooo funny!

Long story short I finally figured it out. The station or playlist that I run to is a cardio playlist that they’ve remixed a bunch of popular songs. So they’re really fast and great to run to. They really make you keep your pace up and a good steady level. Anyhow the playlist that I use has a TON of Pitbull songs and I’ve discovered this is where they’re getting the recommended because I always hit the like button. Once I figured it out I was cracking up and that’s why I decided to pick this cookbook for this month!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Click here to see the book on Amazon.

As always if you make anything please share your favorite recipe with us and/or any changes that you made in this posts comments section.

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