Last Week’s Top Sellers and When Did Wal-Mart Toys Get So Freaking COOL?!

Here are last week’s top sellers from my LTK. If you’re not fill me on LTK make sure you are. I try and post different things on there but at the end of the month do a recap. Unfortunately by the end of the month some of the stuff I’ve posted is sold out.

My FAVORITE feature on LTK is that if you like something that I’ve posted make sure you like it (the image/item) and you’ll get a notification that the item has gone on sale!

I absolutely love that because by the time I figure out that something has gone on sale it’s already sold out!

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Also, When did Wal-Mart get sooooooo freaking cool?!

I was picking up some groceries last week and wandered over to the toy section. Look at these awesome ride on toys. That tank! Which prompted me to get online and look at what else they had. We used to go to Toys R Us and they’re not around anymore….. Also, Kricket really hasn’t been old enough to look at toys like this. I just couldn’t believe how cool some of this stuff is!

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