Keto Yogurt (2 net carbs)

I recently discovered this yogurt at Target and then was VERY excited to also see it on Amazon Fresh. Unfortunately those are the only two places that I’ve seen it.

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I’m always looking for new snacks and this one didn’t disappoint. In fact I’m not a huge yogurt fan but this was delicious. It was creamy but nice and thick. It only has 2 net carbs but I did think it had a lot of calories for a snack. One container contains 200 calories so it’s better as a meal replacement in my opinion. It was very filling!

I tried the strawberry, mango and vanilla flavors. All of them were delicious but mango was my favorite for breakfast and vanilla was favorite for something sweet. It tastes like cake batter which is one of my all time favorite flavors.

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I have to take Miralax with my Linzess prescription and I even mixed the two up and it worked great!

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This would be a great road trip snack or the perfect addition to your summertime picnic. I’m all about grab and go snacks and meals and this one definitely doesn’t disappoint. I only wish that I could find it at more stores.

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