Best Father’s Day Gifts 2022

Here’s a list of Father’s Day gift ideas for 2022.

1. Smokeless Fire Pit

I saw this fire pit on the news and now I’m obsessed with it!

Shop Here

2. Pressure Sprayer

This is the one that I bought David a couple of years ago and he LOVES it!

Electric Pressure Sprayer

3. Pajamas

Classic pajamas are always a good idea because it’s not necessarily something Dad buys for himself but he wants. Petite Plume is my favorite brand and you can just about get every pattern in matching family pajamas.

Petite Plume

4. Framed Candid Photos

I love this website. You simply pick out the frame, upload the pictures and they print and frame. They’ll also print your pictures on canvas. It’s just soooo EASY! Check it out here.

5. Pizza Oven

Because who doesn’t love pizza?!

Ooni 16” Pizza Oven

6. Tie

I know a lot of offices don’t require men to wear ties anymore but David still wears one especially when he’s meeting with clients. This is something Kricket and I have done for the past two years. We go to Highland Park Village in Dallas and go to the Hermès store and she gets to pick out a tie (so far both have been some type of pink pattern 🤣😂🤣). David loves Hermès ties and the unique patterns. Vineyard Vines has similar characteristics but at a fraction of the cost 👍🏼.

Vineyard Vines Tie

7. Monogrammed Handkerchief

Yes, David carries a handkerchief and I started buying these for him when we got married (for our wedding). He liked them so much I also give them as a stocking stuffer!

These are David’s

What are your plans for Father’s Day?

Disclosure: Some of the links included in this blog post are affiliate links, meaning that, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through the link and make a purchase.

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