My Favorite Sunscreens

I’m a natural red head with fair skin. Over the years I’ve gotten to know my skin so much better and definitely take care of it more than I did in my teens. I wish I knew then what I know about sun spots, age spots, wrinkles,etc.

My skin completely changed when I had Kricket. I really suffered from hyperpigmentation with her. It’s something that I’ve spent so much time correcting over the past two years. So you bet that anytime I go outside I’m not only wearing a hat but sunscreen.

A couple of years ago my embroider posted a short video on her Instagram stories about how she applies sunscreen on her toddler’s face. She uses a beauty blender! I not only do this for myself now but I also do it to Kricket. Kricket thinks she’s getting her makeup on like mommy. It’s really cute! I’ve also found that it keeps that horrible white color from sunscreen away. These are the makeup sponges that I use. They’re under $5.00 and my absolute FAVORITE!

1. Aveeno Baby (for my face)

Shop Here

2. Coppertone Kids Spray – 100 spf

See on Amazon here

I also wear CC cream under my foundation that has an SPF of 50. (You can see it here, it’s lightweight and could be worn alone.) I like the spray for throughout the day to spray on my shoulders, legs, even over my makeup.

My shoulders and nose are normally what get torched the most so I try to wear a hat that’s large enough to cover my shoulders (like this one). I like this specific one because there’s a string inside to tighten the cap so it has a nice snug fit!

Yes, I LOVE this hat so much I have it in a few colors!

David bought this pool last year at Sam’s and it’s HUGE and under $35.00. I highly recommend it if you have little ones. Kricket will be too old for it next year but if you have a 1 or 2 year old it’s a great purchase.

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