Easy Summer Cocktails To Make At Home That Are 0 Carbs!

1. Rum and Diet Coke

This is probably my favorite summer drink. It’s easy and only has 60 calories. One jigger of Bacardi Silver Rum only has 60 calories where as vodka has 90-100 calories.

2. Gin and Diet Gingerale

This was a random discovery! I use Hendricks Gin in my dirty martini’s and it’s a little on the sweeter side because it has elderberry in it. Which is why it pairs so well with the diet gingerale

3. Vodka and Peach Tea

Before I started following the Keto diet I LOVED sweet tea vodka but there’s so much sugar in it that I don’t touch it anymore!

Tito’s Vodka is gluten-free (fyi).

Crystal light peach tea is delicious and in the summer I keep it in pitchers in the fridge ready to go, it has zero carbs and zero calories. All you need to do is pour your tea over a cup of ice and stir in a jigger of vodka. So you’re basically drinking vodka and water!

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My sister in law just bought this book and brought it to the beach with us. We haven’t made any of the drinks yet but there are so many great recipes that I thought were off limits when trying to limit sugar intake and follow the keto diet. From strawberry daiquiris to pina colada’s even brandy Alexander’s!

Most of the drinks only have 2 carbs! Woo Hoo!

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