This recipe is from our October book club pick (see post here) and it can be found on page 152.

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The recipe calls for ground beef but I already had ground pork so I used that and it was delicious!

I LOVE meatloaf. It was one of the few things that my mom could actually make. My dad was the cook in our family. However, my mom CAN bake! David on the other hand does not like meatloaf and will not eat it under any circumstance. He had a bad experience as a child, lol!

Since these are prepared in ramekins and not in a loaf pan I just called them mushroom and cheese pots and he’ll never know!

These pots are very filling and quite large. I was only able to eat 1/2 and was full. The recipe says to reheat the ramekins in the oven for 5 minutes. When I did this the meat was still frozen. As much as I don’t like microwaves I reheated these in the microwave for 3 minutes and then flipped them and cooked for a couple more minutes and the center was perfect.

My only tip for this recipe is that when your putting the sliced mushrooms and cheese on top is to cover the top of the meat with the sliced mushrooms and then stick the cubed Swiss cheese in the little nooks of the mushrooms. I didn’t like the order that I did the mushrooms and cheese. I didn’t feel like I had good cheese coverage.

This recipe made six pots and was such an easy freezer meal. After I cooked the ramekins in the instant pot and then did the mushroom and cheese topping I covered the ramekins with aluminum foil and wrote the expiration date on the foil. I gave them three months.

I love having individual freezer meals rather than casseroles, etc.

What’s your favorite Instant pot meal?

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