How I was diagnosed with Celiac, part IV (going Keto)

I had co-chaired a party in Dallas and I remember looking at pictures and thinking man I look swollen! I wore a gown that I already had. It was a little bit snugger but it was really my arms and face that just looked large. That was in October.

I don’t remember looking at pictures that holiday season thinking I looked any bigger than usual. My weight is pretty consistent. I’d say I fluctuate maybe 4 pounds but otherwise I stay the same.

It wasn’t until spring break (March) that I really noticed a weight change. My mom had always said to stay on top of your weight because it’s easier to loose 10 pounds rather than 30 and keep it off! So yes I do weigh myself everyday before I get in the shower. I know most people would also argue that it’s unhealthy to watch your weight like that, but when you’re short weight shows up so much heavier than it really is! Five pounds looks like fifteen!!

This was years ago when Keto had really taken off. I was seeing friends do it on Facebook and posting their AMAZING results I was only 12 pounds over my normal weight so I thought that would be a breeze.

The more I started reading about Keto I actually didn’t think it was for me so I started doing Atkins. If you sign up for their carb tracker and get on your “dashboard” on a desktop not the app they have all of these great progress / tracking features. The weight slowly (very slowly) started coming off but I really started noticing my arms shrinking, my thighs getting smaller and my stomach getting flatter.

After feeling like I’d plateaued on Atkins with eating 25 net carbs a day I thought I’d give Keto a try. I’d found the Keto Diet app that told me based on my gender, age, height and body type this was how many carbs, calories, fat and protein I should be eating for the day. I 100% believe that doing Atkins first made Keto so much easier for me. the app didn’t hurt either!

Once I went Keto the last bit of weight I had just fell off. I also noticed my arms getting more defined. The swelling in my face going away and all without working out!

It wasn’t until I started running again that I really started to tone up! If your having a hat time loosing weight or sticking to a diet I highly recommend try keto Burt ease into it like I’d and I feel like it take it easier to stick with.

Here are some great Keto cheat sheets to make the transition easier!

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