Summer Vacation Report. How Did Kricket Do?

I thought traveling with Kricket was going to be difficult especially with her temper tantrum’s and meltdowns. That was really all I had focused on or worried about.

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We got to the beach house on Sunday afternoon and Wednesday morning my sister in law woke up not feeling 100%. It turned out to be Covid.

As you guys know we’ve worked incredibly hard to not catch this primarily because I have the Harrington Rods fused with my spine (from my neck to my tailbone). We didn’t know how this would effect my rods. Just for example I’ve caught the flu which has settled on my spine and left me unable to walk and turned into pneumonia. So what the heck would Covid do to me?

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On top of that we don’t know if Kricket was cutting a tooth or getting an ear infection … or was it the early signs of Covid?! She really wasn’t eating, she WAS drinking a ton of water but she didn’t have a fever?

Fast forward to Sunday and my 91 year old father in law and brother in law came down with Covid.

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Then on Tuesday I tested positive. Friday night I wound up in the Emergency room per my doctors instructions. I initially texted him on Tuesday when I woke up and couldn’t walk/stand up. I immediately knew it was settling on my rods. He told me I needed to start Plaxovid immediately. He’d already called a prescription in for my father in law (who had refused to take the medication) so we had a box on hand that I immediately started. The lining of my heart really hurt along with my lungs. My hips were excruciating along with my face, jaw line and teeth, but my throat was on fire. I finally looked in the mirror just to see how red it was and I had blisters on the right side of my throat. That’s when I texted my doctor again and he said I needed to add NyQuill, DayQuill and lozenges to the mix.

David had kicked me out of our bedroom as soon as I was positive and was living on the sofa in the living room. I called our pediatrician to see what we needed to do with Kricket. They said that they should NOT go to a hotel because even though they don’t have it they could be carriers and then expose everyone in the hotel to it. So they needed to quarantine from everyone in the house.

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The house that we had rented was three stories and the three of us had the master bedroom which was on the top floor, it has a great balcony, so Kricket was able to run around. The house had an elevator so they were able to take that from our bedroom down to the ground floor, go to the beach, and we weren’t exposing Kricket to the common areas of the home which were all infected areas! When David had to get snacks/food he wore a mask.

Friday afternoon I was laying on the sofa watching a movie and all of a sudden I was seeing double of everything. I mentioned it to David and he said that I needed to let my doctor know. That’s when I got the text message back, “you need to go to the emergency room ASAP.” I thought he was just going to say it was a side effect of the Plaxovid I was not expecting that response!

In the emergency room

Holy Moly the ER was crowded and they said it was mainly Covid cases, great. I couldn’t believe all of the babies and toddlers that were in there and coughing and hacking. It was really sad because all you want as a parent is to make your child feel better and there’s nothing worse than feeling helpless.

They did a head CT to make sure I didn’t have a stroke, did some x-rays to check on my rods and lungs to make sure it hadn’t turned into pneumonia and was settling on my rods. Also, interesting new information this new variant of Covid doesn’t effect your lungs like before. So hospitals aren’t seeing people who need to be on ventilators. The weird thing is this one is effecting your kidneys and throat. I’m still not sure what it does to your kidneys? Anyhow, when all of that turned out to be clear they finally gave me a Benadryl, lidocaine mixture to numb my throat and help me swallow. They warned me that it tasted horrible and asked me again if I was sure that I wanted the medicine? I was in so much pain and couldn’t swallow And I was choking on my food so I’d basically stopped eating. I would take anything at this point if it made my throat feel better! They also gave me two IV bags of fluids and sent me home.

The moment cabin fever officially set in.

Kricket really didn’t start showing signs until Thursday. She had a 102.6 fever, diarrhea, she really wasn’t eating and then just wanted to lay in bed, snuggle and watch movies. Which is totally unlike her.

Then our last man standing, my husband, David went down! It hit him on Saturday when we were packing. Poor David drove one of the cars and he HAD to drive it back to Dallas. I REALLY don’t know how he did it! We got back last night and he’s been in bed ever since. He’s also taking Plaxovid so hopefully it will kick in soon. The pharmacist said it takes about three days to work. I rarely get sick but when I do it hits me like a ton of bricks. That’s one thing when I decided to have the spinal fusion to correct my scoliosis that they never mentioned, that when you get sick the virus or infection will always go to the foreign object in your body. So if you’re thinking about having this surgery just keep this in mind!

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