Family Friendly Gluten Free Restaurant in Dallas

Kricket and I just got home from lunch and I have to share this place with you guys!

Hat Creek Burger Company @ 8185 Walnut Hill Lane Dallas,Texas

First, I know I’m late to the party on this restaurant because my girlfriends were eating there before the Pandemic, but now I get it.

Kricket’s lunchtime is at noon and we learned over vacation that we needed to be seated, have food ordered, etc. before that to avoid any meltdowns!

We left our house at 11:30 am and arrived around 11:45 am. There WAS a line and it didn’t move incredibly fast but once we ordered our food it was out in under five minutes.

I ordered the Hat Burger but in a bowl. It was two patties, pickles, lettuce, tomato, mustard and onions but I ordered my burger without them. I also ordered a Diet Coke. Kricket got the Hat Dog without a bun, french fries and a milk. Our meal was $17! I was shocked!! That’s cheaper than Chick-Fil-A and ALL of their sides (fries, tater tots) are all gluten free. They even have an option to purchase gluten free buns. Also, their chicken nuggets, which are breaded, are gluten free.

I’m so excited about this place! There were families everywhere.

We sat on the covered patio kinda near some misters. Kricket hasn’t been great lately about sitting at the table and eating so I wasn’t sure how she was going to do. I thought it’s the Friday before a holiday, nobody will be there. I was wrong the patio was packed by the time we were leaving.

They have a great playground for kids. Kricket didn’t have an interest in that area but she did want to walk around and explore a bit. Which I didn’t feel bad about a bit! There were kids all over the place.

They serve beer and wine but I really didn’t check out their selection. So I don’t have anything to report on that front.

If you check it out let me know what you thought?!

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