Gluten Free, Sugar Free Flag Cake Review (3.2 net carbs)

I hope you’re having a fantastic 4th of July weekend! Today’s the last day of our families quarantine time from catching Covid and we’re still feeling the lingering side effects. We were planning on going outside to watch the parade this morning but I have no energy and did NOT feel like getting dressed or getting Kricket ready! So we’re inside resting and going to go outside this evening to watch the fireworks. How are you spending this 4th of July?

This recipe is from our November book club pick (see post here) and it’s on page 202. It makes 16 bars and has 5.7 net carbs per serving.

The base of this flag cake is a giant sugar cookie and it was delicious. I highly recommend using this recipe as your go to sugar cookie recipe.

See the book here on Amazon.

I made the recipe exactly as it’s written. The only suggestions I have for this cake to turn out even better is to:

1. Sift the Confectioners Sugar before adding it to the cream cheese frosting mixture. I did NOT sift the sugar first and had some clumps so my frosting was not smooth. It didn’t matter how much I beat the frosting I couldn’t get the clumps out.

2. My next suggestion is to frost your giant cookie, then use a pizza cutter to cut your cookie into 16 bars. If you want to put your cake on a platter I’d do it here, but make sure to put the cake in the same shape. This is when I’d place your fruit in the flag design as pictured. I put my fruit on and then tried to cut my bars. It messed up my fruit and it wasn’t as clean looking.

This is a REALLY easy recipe but it’s all about the presentation! Go slow and take your time when frosting to make sure that you get clean edges.

Have a wonderful holiday weeekend and remember just because you’ve cut out carbs and sugar from your life your meals don’t have to be boring, just get creative!

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