Low Carb Salmon Recipe for dinner
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Are you looking for a low carb meal?

I’m always on the hunt for different low carb dinner ideas for my family, I’ve been a little tired of chicken lately! Our family doesn’t eat nearly enough fish so when I was at Sam’s Club last week I grabbed a bag of salmon fillets and I’m so glad that I did. Salmon is a great low carb option, It’s full of good fats and Omega-3. I also find that it fills me up much faster than other proteins. Which means I’m typically not eating as much. Kricket didn’t care for this salmon recipe the same way she LOVED my Salmon Croquettes (see post her), she devoured those right up!

The salmon that I got at Sam’s are individually wrapped which make them especially great if you’re just cooking for one person! It was only Kricket and I so I only cooked two salmon fillets and had WAY more than enough! The recipe called for four salmon fillets, that would have been WAY too much food! This recipe is such a great low carb dinner idea! It’s full of great flavors especially if you like cream and tomatoes.

How I ate the leftovers.

I only ate half of my salmon and was stuffed, so I shredded the leftovers and stored them in an airtight container. I ate the rest of the salmon for lunch all week long and served it over spring mixed greens. However, think it would be just as delicious served over a nice crunchy kale salad. I did put a little bit of Ken’s Caesar Dressing on the greens and tossed it before adding the salmon to the top. I reheated the salmon in the microwave for thirty seconds and it was perfect.

When I made this for dinner last week I served it with blanched broccoli and garlic butter sauce. This would also be delicious served over mashed cauliflower since this sauce has so many great flavors from the heavy cream and tomatoes.

I will say I’m not a salmon fan but I did like this dish. Also, I don’t always agree with the directions from some of Delish’s recipes (I’ve had food turn out raw, yuck!) but this one was pretty spot on. Just watch your salmon and make sure it doesn’t get too black!

What are your favorite low carb dinner recipes?

Here are a few low carb dinner recipes that would be delicious with this dish!

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