Charcuterie board ideas from Around the Board by Emily Delaney.
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August’s Book

For August’s book club book I’ve selected Around the Board by Emily Delaney. Emily has created some of the most stunning charcuterie board designs. She even includes the design plan for most of her boards. If you saw my Instagram post the other day then, you already know, that this was a book i’d had in my Amazon cart for some time. I just couldn’t pull the trigger. Seriously, how many charcuterie board ideas could they really show me in a book?! (Be sure to take a look at my gluten free charcuterie board post)

Little did I know that there is so much more that goes into the board.

To have a truly special charcuterie board you need to have a concept or theme, then start thinking about the design, next what’s your plan and then your layout. Don’t be like me and go to the store willy nilly! You’ll buy waaaay to much and then that means you’ve also spent way too much on an appetizer!

Finally Buying The Book

David swears that Sam’s Club has the best book selection.The last time that I was there I decided to wander over that way. He was right! There were so many cookbooks, I was shocked! This was one of the books that was there (to my surprise), and let me tell you not only does this book have so many unique board suggestions but the book is user friendly.

Around the Board is broken down by seasons but this book isn’t full of your traditional meat and cheese boards, Emily even has s’mores boards, after school snack boards, brunch boards, really creative and unique charcuterie board ideas like that.

My favorite part of the book is that Emily does wine and cheese pairings. She really lays out different charcuterie board ideas for you. When David and I are entertaining at home I normally go to Whole Foods to buy our cheese. I typically tell them what wine I’m serving and I let them tell me what cheeses to serve. This book takes the guess work out of that as well as what cheeses are in season.

Here are some charcuterie board ideas for you:

If you watched my vlog or reel then you heard me mention the Keto Baking Cookbook (this was also our November 2021 cookbook) and how these two books really compliment one another. Yes, you can get on Amazon or go to Whole Foods and buy gluten free or low carb crackers but if you read the ingredients label they’re still really not Keto friendly. I’ve personally found that the cauliflower crackers tend to upset my stomach, just fyi.

The Keto Baking Cookbook has an entire section dedicated to crackers, flatbreads, etc. anything that you could possibly need to truly make your charcuterie board sugar free, gluten free and keto friendly. (Be sure to check out my gluten free, sugar free and low carb dessert ideas.)

Keto Baking compliments this month's book with an entire section focused on flatbreads, crackers, etc. that are gluten free, sugar free and Keto.
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