Covid in 2-year-old, asthma and Paxlovid
Covid in 2-year-old resulting in asthma and our experience with Paxlovid.
Patiently waiting for her Post Covid check up

Covid in 2-year-old … Yesterday, Kricket was diagnosed with asthma at her post-covid check up. David and I are both fully vaccinated and boosted. I did wind up in the hospital with Covid even after being on Paxlovid. Watch my Instagram stories and you’ll know that I had to step away from social media because I was so upset.

Covid in 2-year-old resulting in asthma and our experience with Paxlovid.
Silly faces while waiting on her doctor for her Covid in 2-year-old checkup.

One personality trait that I get from my father is that when I’m upset I have to walk away, I basically shut down. I don’t want to say anything that I’m going to regret. David absolutely HATES this about me! He wants to hammer everything out right then and there. I’ve learned over the years that this is possibly the WORST thing to do. Now with that being said I don’t harbor bad feelings. I’m by no means an angry person. I do believe in forgiveness but I also do NOT forget! We could be in an argument five years from now and I’m totally like and that one time! Yes, I know this isn’t good either!

Covid in 2-year-old resulting in asthma and our experience with Paxlovid.
Watching movies and resting I never imagined that she had asthma.

How much was this being two and how much was Covid?

Over the past month David and I had noticed that Kricket wasn’t her normal self after all she was recovering from Covid . However she’s two, how much was her being two and how much was Covid in-2-year-old? She just seemed off. David has EXCELLENT hearing, I do not! I had a LOT of ear inferctions as a child. He kept telling me that he could hear her wheezing, again I couldn’t but I did notice that she was coughing a lot and she never coughs. This was especially noticeable at night when she was sleeping in her crib. Again, Kricket has really bad allergies. Was it that or were these more signs of Covid in 2-year-old?

The past couple of weeks David and I have been talking abut lingering Covid symptoms. Kricket didn’t have Covid that bad or at least we didn’t think she did so I never thought about lingering Covid in 2-year-old symptoms. David and I now have the worst migraines known to man and the brain fog still hasn’t cleared up. We also have no motivation which is highly unlikely for either of us. It was at this time that I began researching long haulers or long Covid. The information that I was reading really made me worry about Kricket but I can’t find that much information on Covid in 2-year-old. It was at this time that I decided to schedule a check-up for Kricket with her pediatrician. Not only did I want her checked out but I had a million+ questions from what to look for, what to expect, etc.

Kricket’s Covid Check Up

Trust me you’re not going to like the answers that I got. The virus is still too new and we don’t know what the long term side effects are. There’s not enough research especially for kids and more importantly Covid in 2-year-old. He was telling me that normal medicine doesn’t apply to Covid. Everyone’s bodies react differently. After he checked her oxygen and listened to her lungs he told me that Kricket has asthma as a result from having Covid.

When I called David to give him Kricket’s results, he was like any parent, he was extremely upset especially because all of this was avoidable. When I told him that she had asthma and that the doctor could hear the wheezing that he had been mentioning, unfortunately, I did did get an I told you so. Unfortunately, I told him that I never thought asthma was on the table, I didn’t think that she could get asthma! Nobody had been talking about it on the news. Everyone just kept saying Covid was getting so mild and to not worry. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard kids aren’t getting it the same way adults are. Don’t worry!


I don’t know anything about asthma and the research has already started! I don’t even know what an asthma attack sounds or looks like. As naive as I am I never expected this could happen from Covid in 2-year-old. The news is constantly telling us how the new variants are getting milder and milder.

Yesterday when I was at the pharmacy picking up Kricket’s asthma prescriptions this memory popped in my mind and I’m having such a hard time getting it out of my mind! When I was in sixth grade there was a boy in my class that had asthma. He was playing at another boy’s house (he was also in our class), for some reason I think they were playing outside or jumping on the trampoline. Something like that. Anyhow, the boy with asthma started having an attack and he couldn’t get to his inhaler in time. Unfortunately, that little boy passed away and frankly Matt (the boy’s house that he was at) was never the same. I know this is a one in a million scenario but I can’t stop thinking about it.

To Read The Books or Not Read The Books?

When I was pregnant I started reading the pregnancy books and frankly they scared the crap out of me! That’s when I decided not to read about health issues until we crossed that bridge. There was no point in scaring myself over something that we would never have to deal with. I’ve researched Covid in 2-year-old and everything that I read rarely says there will be lifelong complications for children this age.

I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power, I also believe in being prepared and fully informed. I’ve found that when I’m typically prepared I never need anything that I’d read up on! So hopefully that’s the case when it comes to Covid in 2-year-old. It’s when I’m not prepared that’s when I wish that I was!! I wasn’t prepared for what they said yesterday. Frankly I never though asthma was on the table.

Continued Monitoring

Our pediatrician is going to continue to monitor Kricket’s asthma every three months to see how she’s doing but at the end of the day I’m so upset that she not only got Covid but now has a lifelong condition because of it. Especially when all of this was completely avoidable. David and I did EVERYTHING to protect our family.

At the beginning of Covid before vaccines had even been developed David had us wearing P-100 masks, seriously! All of our groceries were either delivered or I did pick up orders and we wiped everything down with disinfectant wipes. If we HAD to go somewhere not only did we wear our P-100 masks but when we got home we took our clothes off in the garage, immediately put them in the washer and took a shower. We did all of this before sitting on any furniture, holding Kricket, etc. These were all suggestions from our OBGYN and the wonderful nurses in the NICU. We weren’t taking any chances with our newborn and Covid.

Getting the vaccine and returning to normal life.

I’m considered high risk and since David’s in my household he and I were able to get our vaccines early. We got our shots when we were supposed too and even got boosted. Once we had our second shot we loosed up quite a bit. Kricket and I had moved to our lake house full time and it was time to rejoin the world.

Like I told David, this isn’t going away. We need to figure out how to live with this safely. When Kricket and I would go grocery shopping we went during the week and first thing in the morning. Most stores weren’t crowded and had been recently cleaned from the night before. I keep a bottle of Lysol spray in the backseat of the car and spray the cart down before I put Kricket in it, she licks everything! I think everyone with kids should be doing this!

We always do self checkout so that I can control the social distancing. If she’s in her stroller I try to have the canopy pulled half way. We have the Bugaboo Fox, which is a huge stroller. I’ve found that by keeping the canopy slightly pulled even if we’re indoors it keeps people from trying to touch her. Last but not least if we go to a restaurant we go during the week and typically after their lunch rush but before their dinner crowd. We also sit on the patio. Like I said we were learning to live with this.

Completely random, it you’re looking for a stroller this is the one that I highly recommend (I bought it in silver and every little scratch shows up, which I HATE!) and we looked at ALL of them! Not only is it big enough to keep strangers from touching your baby but you can use it from day one. The basinet feature was hands down my favorite part of the stroller. I’d read too many articles about parents leaving their babies in the infant car seat, because they were asleep, bringing the infant seat inside and continue to let the baby sleep. Babies should not be in their carrier / car seat longer than two hours. It has to do with their airways, etc. We even had to do a car seat study before we could be released from the hospital. I know not all hospitals do this and I think the only reason we probably had to do one was because we were in the NICU. In any event I’d heard all of this month’s before Kricket was born and said that we were NOT doing the stroller with the infant attachment or the Doona. I was doing a stroller with a bassinet and everyone said that I was wrong for doing this. I will say that when we would go on our morning and afternoon walks Kricket would fall asleep. Instead of moving her into the bassinet we had in our living room I left her in there are she slept. The other reason that I wanted this stroller was so that when we went to restaurants we could get a corner table and after we fed Kricket we would put her back in the bassinet and she’d go to sleep. (See my post of baby first have must year items here.)

So to say that I’m angry that we caught this and the way that we did is the understatement of the year.

Our Covid Story

For those of you that don’t know during our summer vacation, this past June, June 23rd to be exact I had to go to the hospital for Covid. Our entire family (my sister-in-law, my brother-in-law, my father-in-law) all came down with Covid. We arrived at the beach house we’d rented on Sunday afternoon. By Tuesday night my sister-in-law (SIL) wasn’t feeling great. She actually just thought she was hungover. I truly wish that had been the case! When she woke up on Wednesday she was in horrible shape. Around lunchtime they decided to test her for Covid. There it was … she was positive.

My brother-in-law (BIL) immediately called our internal medicine doctor in Dallas. We have a concierge doctor and after all of this I now SWEAR by them! Our entire family minus the kiddos go to the same practice. In fact all of us see the same doctor except for my SIL, she sees his wife. You’ve got to love concierge medicine. Yes, you pay for the service but we have his cell phone number and can contact him any time of the day. He even makes house calls!

When my BIL called our doctor and he told us to get prepared. He said that everyone in the house was going to get it! The only one that didn’t catch it was my nine year old nephew. He had Covid the month before, over Easter (yes, he’s vaccinated as well), so his antibodies were super duper strong. The one person that we were VERY concerned about was my ninety-one year old father-in-law (FIL). Our doctor said that based on my SIL’s symptoms that she didn’t need Paxlovid she was just going to need to ride it out like a bad cold / the flu.

However, our doctor was singing a different tune when it came to my FIL. He said that as soon as he started showing symptoms he needed to start Paxlovid ASAP! So, the three of us took a trip to the pharmacy at Target and and picked up the Paxlovid. Two days later my FIL and BIL tested positive. I happened to be in the kitchen making David’s breakfast when they were taking the tests. Based on my BIL’s symptoms our doctor said that he didn’t recommend taking Paxlovid. Those two were coughing all over the place! I didn’t know what was going on and now looking back I should’ve had a mask on. Now I know this was when I caught it!

Unfortunately, I was the next one to bite the dust, then Kricket and last but certainly not least David got it. The house that we were staying in was three stories. David, Kricket and I had the top floor and as soon as I started feeling bad I was kicked out of our bedroom and sent downstairs to live out the remainder of our trip on the living room sofa.

Scoliosis and Autoimmune Diseases

As I’ve mentioned before I have Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and have two metal rods fused with my spine. I had the surgery when I was twelve years old, this is also why I’m so short, I stopped growing! Anytime I get sick or get an infection it always settles on my spine.

When I was fifteen I wanted my belly button pierced, it was 1999 and Britney Spears was all the rage. Until I was eighteen years old I had routine checkups with my orthopedic surgeon. It was during one of our visits that he explained tattoos were not in my future, piercings were not in my future and for that matter I needed to be taking an antibiotic every time I went to the dentist. This was when he explained how infections in our system will naturally settle on foreign objects in our bodies.

Honestly, I thought he was full of it! When I was in my early twenties I decided not to get my flu shot (I used to religiously get them EVERY year, I can’t remember why I didn’t get it that year). You guessed it I got the flu which settled on my spine and turned into walking pneumonia. I couldn’t walk, forget standing up and I wound up in the hospital. I was in so much pain I thought my rods had come unfused. Why am I telling you all of this, because, I know what an infection that settles on my spine feels like. As we’ve all heard on the news people that suffer from autoimmune diseases tend to get hit by Covid the worst.


When I started noticing the pain I immediately texted my internist in Dallas and he told me that I needed to start Paxlovid immediately. My very stubborn, but loving, ninety-one year old internal medicine doctor FIL had refused to take his Paxlovid prescription. So thank goodness we already had a package on hand. Honestly, I think he had the weakest form of Covid. He only had a runny nose and a cough. Within days I had gone from bad to worse. My throat was so swollen I couldn’t speak or eat. I was primarily living on cough drops, Dayquil, NyQuil, warm water with a lemon slice and some bananas. As my throat swelled up even more it was nearly impossible to get food down without choking.

After a few days of being on Paxlovid my vision went haywire. My eyes couldn’t focus and I was seeing multiple objects at once. David walked in the room and that’s when I saw three of him. He told me to contact my doctor immediately. During this time I was already in constant contact via text with my internist but when I told him what was going on he said that I needed to go to the hospital ASAP.

Seriously, not the reaction that I was expecting. You know how prescription drug commercials list out about a million side effects? I was completely expecting him to say that’s normal, it’s just a side effect and it will go away in a few days. Not you need to go to the hospital NOW!

On Paxlovid and still winding up in the hospital!
Being treated for Covid in the hospital

David even called our doctor to figure out what to do. Our doctor sent us to a specific hospital in Galveston, it was in their network, so he was able to see my chart and imaging in real time. I thought that was pretty neat!

Kricket was already in bed by the time we left for the hospital. My BIL watched the baby monitor for us. We really didn’t want to take her to the hospital and thank goodness it was FULL of Covid patients.

During this time I’d called our pediatrician to figure out what to do with Kricket so that she didn’t catch this. Should they go to a hotel? The Covid specialist that was guiding me through this said no not to do that. She said Kricket and David may not get this but they could be carriers and then they’ve exposed the entire hotel. The specialist said that they needed to quarantine in a section of the house away from everyone if possible.

Covid in 2-year-old resulting in asthma
Resting and watching Frozen II

Kricket was the next one to come down with the virus. She was running a 102 degree fever for a few days. She didn’t want to go outside, very lethargic and LOTS of coughing. Kricket’s normally an excellent eater and during this time she really had no interest in food except for bananas. Our pediatrician had mentioned earlier that if she did come down with covid keep her hydrated (because one symptom for kiddos is diarrhea) and to eat bananas. My guess on the bananas is because how bad Covid makes your joints hurt! She was devouring them. I think she ate four in one day.

Then poor david took Paxlovid and ended up relapsing a few days after he completed the medicine.

I need a redo on the summer of 2022!

If You have kids or family member with asthma what tips, tricks, suggestions do you have? Are there certain triggers that you’ve discovered? Are there products that you can’t live without? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment section below or fill out this contact for.

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