I know that I’m constantly talking about Sam’s but I was there yesterday so I decided to show you the chicken and ribs that I picked up. Which also sparked me to do a post with my shopping list. Obviously, the size of these products are much larger (you’re buying in bulk) so I don’t have to buy each of these every week.

Not only does Sams have a great selection of gluten free and low carb options but if you’re like me and you’re making most of your food this is a great place to get your groceries! I’m able to get our almond flour, seasonings, eggs, butter, etc. When you’re going through all of these items on a weekly basis because they’re ingredients in your bread, cookies, crackers, etc. We go through eggs like none other and I don’t even feel like we eat that many eggs but they’re in EVERYTHING that I cook!

Below I have my shopping list broken down by gluten free/low carb items, non gluten free items and home goods. Also, please see Kricket’s face in the picture below, hahahahahaha! She’s trying out for the new Wizard of Oz movie. I think she has her munchkin face down just right, LOL!

My Sam’s Shopping List:

Items that I buy for David aka not gluten free:

Home Items:


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