Every year I’m on the hunt for the perfect sweater dress. Since I’m only 4’11” and VERY narrow this tends to be more of a challenge than expected. Last year I bought two sweater dresses on Amazon. They had very high ratings and both came in an extra small, so I felt like they’d be a good purchase. David said they looked horrible on me! They really did swallow me up but they’re great for winter days around the house with cute pants. Which is how I now wear them now. As all short women know if your clothes don’t fit just right they really do make you look frumpy. Which is why I tend to go for more tailored or form fitting clothes.

Last winter I bought a ton of sweaters for Kricket on Shein and was so surprised by how much I liked them. I have a really hard time spending money on sweaters because they either pill, snag, get moth holes, whatever. Fun fact I have several sweaters from Brooks Brothers (they have a great petite section) that are at least ten years old and still look brand new! NO PILLING!!!

David bought a sweater at Vineyard Vines and less than a month later it was already pilling. He was not impressed especially since the sweater was over $100 dollars.

My absolute favorite sweater dress of all time is one that I bought in my early twenties and I got it at Forever 21, I know right, LOL. It still looks brand new. It’s form fitting and looks great with pants, leggings or on it’s own. I’ve put together five different sweater dress outfits. A mix of the dress can be worn on their own or with pants but always with a belt to keep a more polished look. I’ve also paired every sweater dress with a scarf option because in the early fall it’s not cold enough for a jacket but when you go into a restaurant they’re typically freezing.

White Sweater Dress

I almost always have a scarf, wrap, pashmina, whatever (looped around my purse) for exactly this reason. Especially if I’m wearing a sweater dress without leggings or pants I can neatly wrap my pashmina around my legs like a blanket to stay warm. You’d better believe my airport attire has some type of pashmina as well!

Here are a few sweater dress outfit ideas for petite women. Most of the sweaters also come in women’s and plus sizes. I’ve linked those through LTK for your convenience.

Sweater Dress Outfit Ideas

White Sweater Dress Outfit Idea For Petite Women
White Sweater Dress
Sweater Dress Outfit Idea For Petite Women
Tan Sweater Dress
White Sweater Dress Outfit Idea For Petite Women
White Sweater Dress
Black Sweater Dress Outfit Idea For Petite Women
Black Sweater Dress
Sweater Dress Outfit Idea For Petite Women
Midi Sweater Dress

Fall Outfit Ideas

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