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Halloween Decor and My Thoughts …

Halloween decorations and everything in between. Here are my thoughts and feelings on Halloween decor as a mom to a two year old.

As cooler weather starts approaching what’s the first thing that everyone starts to think about? Pumpkin Spice everything! Can I tell you a secret? It’s actually not a secret because I’m pretty vocal about it … I do not like pumpkin spice anything! I take that back. I like pumpkin rolls and only because of the cream cheese (seriously I like anything with cream cheese, YUM!) and I like pumpkin pie but only on Thanksgiving. 

As cooler weather starts approaching I think about Halloween and halloween decor. Now that I have a child I probably think about it more so, especially since she’s little. I want to make everything special for Kricket. Especially with everything that’s going on in the world, I want her to have a positive attitude about life. I want to keep holidays as magical as possible for as long as she’ll let me. 

I’ve been doing all of our preschool applications recently and there’s been some complicated questions on there about our family and our values, etc. I’m a VERY open minded person. I went to college in San Francisco and I lived in NYC for years. I lived on the upper east side and I worked across the street from the Flatiron building. So I’ve been exposed to a lot of different opinions and backgrounds. Which I’m so thankful that I was able to experience all of that. I also feel like it made me a more well rounded individual. 

I feel like that sunscreen song by Baz Luhrmann . There are a few line in the song the really resonate with me. Live on the west coast but leave before it makes you soft. Live on the east coast but leave before it makes you hard and yes I grew up in the south so I was brought up with conservative values. Such as do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. 

I know you’re thinking this post is about Halloween decor why are you talking about all of this? I don’t remember what this question was on the preschool application but I remember putting on there that I want to preserve my daughter’s innocence for as long as possible. I want her to believe in mermaids and unicorns and have an incredible imagination. 

So yes I’ve started decorating and celebrating all of the holidays including the goofy ones! Maybe when’s she older we’ll switch to some of the more spooky decorations but for right now I love the whimsical halloween decorations. I enjoy getting her the fun pajamas for the night before. I love making these holiday buckets. She has more teeth now so I don’t have such a problem with giving her treats. I still try to stay away from REAL candy, however, I do give her Lily’s chocolate that’s sweetened with Stevia but ONLY on special occasions. 

Halloween falls on a Monday this year so maybe we’ll have a Halloween party on Saturday and bring out the bounce houses? That she can wear her costume but I doubt we’ll go trick or treating. 

With that being said here are some of the Halloween decor pieces that I’ve been posting on LTK over the past couple of months. Make sure that you’re following me on the LikeToKnow.it (LTK) app since I post on there pretty much as soon as something comes out. That way you’ll be sure to get it before it sells out! If you don’t use LTK and don’t want to then be sure you’ve subscribed to my newsletter since I try to do a recap then you’re able to get everything in one place. 

Do you decorate for Halloween? I’d love to hear from you! Respond in the comments section below.

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