Baked spaghetti for the win! Here’s an easy, family friendly, gluten free, low carb dinner idea. Click here to get my baked spaghetti recipe card.

You guys are cracking me up on Instagram! The reel that I posted last week for  an easy Keto weeknight dinner you guys are blowing it up! I’m getting comments that it’s not Keto, that pasta isn’t Keto, etc. Obviously these are new followers and don’t know anything about my blog or recipes. 

Baked Spaghetti “Pasta”

The “pasta” that I used in my baked spaghetti was the Palmini brand hearts of palm angel hair pasta. I’ve tried the linguine before and really didn’t like it but here’s why … first, I’d never had hearts of palm so the smell was a HUGE surprise! It wasn’t until recently that a nutritionist I follow on Instagram was talking about snacks and she brought up hearts of palm. She was eating them right out of the can. So I decided to give hem a try. One entire can has five net carbs.

Palmini Pasta

Palmini Angel Hair Pasta
Get angel hair pasta here.

After I decided that I actually liked hearts of palm I decided to try Palmini again. However, this time I treated them more like miracle noodles where you need to rinse them until the smell is gone. You might be asking what do they smell like? It’s more or a pickled smell / tangy. I also decided to use angel hair instead of linguini since it’s a thinner noodle I thought I could get it softer than the thicker noodle. I poured the pouch into a colander and rinsed the noodles under cold water while tossing the noodles and separating them with my hands. Once the smell wasn’t as pungent I moved onto the next step.

How To Cook The “Pasta”

I put the noodles in a medium pot of water along with one teaspoon of salt and brought to a boil. I let the noodles sit in the boiling water for ten minutes. When the ten minutes were up I removed it he pot from the heat and set to the side while I finished cooking the meat and sauce mixture. These noodles were perfect! The texture the first day was VERY similar to spaghetti squash with that little crunch. The hearts of palm angel hair isn’t rubbery at all like miracle noodle which I’ve tried and tried to like but I have a really had time with it because of the texture. This isn’t like that at all. 

Baked Spaghetti Recipe
Get my baked spaghetti recipe card here

Baked Spaghetti Recipe

The recipe that I used is my baked ziti recipe. So if you’re not following Keto feel free to replace the Palmini angel hair with whatever your favorite gluten free ziti noodles might be. Simply follow the same steps in my baked spaghetti recipe. 

Now I know that we’ve talked about carb counts being different based on what brands of products you buy. So here you go. I used Rao’s Marinara sauce and I used the plan old Wal-Mart brand on everything else! So that’s how I got the macros listed below. 

Baked Spaghetti Recipe Macros

My Favorite … PYREX!

This dish is cooked in an 8×13 casserole dish. As always I turned to my FAVORITE Pyrex. If you’re new here then FYI you’ll start to see post about these dishes a lot over the holidays! They have hard plastic lids and are great for stacking on top of one another in your fridge. I’m big on making/prepping food ahead of time and then popping these dishes in the oven when I’m ready for them. Again, why I love these hard covers over aluminum foil. 

Baked Spaghetti

This recipe yields 12 servings so as always my biggest suggestion to stay within your macros is to cut the casserole into 12ths before you ever start plating or serving. That way you really know that you’re having one serving and yes the servings are a good size! 

Since it was just Kricket and I when I made this last week there was absolutely no way that we could eat the entire thing. I put two servings in the fridge and the remainder in individual containers and threw them in the freezer. I feel like the leftovers were even better than the first night but I always feel that way about Italian food. It’s like the flavors just get better the more they sit together. 

To Reheat Baked Spaghetti:

To reheat the frozen serving I simply pulled the container out of the freezer the night before or if I forgot then a couple hours before it was time to start cooking. For the night before method I pulled it out of the freezer and put it in the bottom drawer of our refrigerator to thaw. Our refrigerator in Dallas is all out of whack! If you put anything near the top or the back everything freezes, hence, the bottom drawer!

Now If I’m doing this last minute, let’s say 3pm … we eat dinner at 6pm and I generally start cooking around 5pm, I’ll leave it on the counter to thaw or put it outside (especially if it’s warm outside). If you choose the outdoor method make sure that you keep checking on it. You don’t want it to get warm! It should stay cold just not be frozen.

I simply put the leftovers in a small saucepan on the stove about medium-high heat and re-heat! Use a silicone spatula or a wooden spoon to breakup the spaghetti and stir. Be careful not to burn the cheese. The re-heating process on the stove probably takes 5 minutes and it’s perfect! 

Let’s Chat!

Feel free to message me below in the comments section with any questions that you may have about this recipe or going gluten free or even starting Keto.

Trust me I know that it can be a lot to take in and if you haven’t made the decision yet it can be hard to make the leap. I’m not a nutritionist or a doctor. I’m just a mom living with Celiac disease and diabetes.

I’ve tried a bunch of different things and Keto has been the one thing that has worked for me and has gotten all of my numbers to AMAZING levels. My endocrinologist has even said she’s NEVER seen numbers as good as mine! I really do credit everything to following a strict Keto diet but just because you go Keto doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself! Just get creative, eat it in moderation and that’s what I’m here to help you do!

Until next time …

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