How I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, part II

In part II of being diagnosed with Celiac I discuss being in pain and thinking it was from scoliosis. I also talk about the allergic reactions that I would have and simply thought it was because I live in Texas and allergies are horrible here! In tomorrow’s episode i’ll talk about infertility and all of […]

How I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, part I

I’m trying to keep these videos under 20 minutes so I’ve broken them into several parts. The first one is an overall introduction. The second is ALL of my ailments. The third is infertility and miscarriages. The fourth is about going Keto. The fifth is the gluten attack that lead to my diagnosis. The sixth […]

March 2022 Introduction

It’s only take me over a year to sit down and record this … If you have kids I’m sure you get it! LOL


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