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What I wore in the Hospital

I knew we would be taking pictures of our little one and I didn’t want to be a total mess in the pictures that I would admire for the rest of my / her life! Here’s what I actually used.

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My husband David is horribly afraid of catching Covid-19. When Dallas became the new “hotspot” he moved the three of us to our lake house out in the country. There’s only been a total of six cases in this county compared to 51,490 cases in Dallas. So I get it. However, I enjoy the country […]

Bee Venom Face Mask

When I was pregnant my skin completely changed and a bunch of wrinkles just happened overnight. So I started doing my research. My husband is completely against Botox. I on the other hand am not. However, before I go down that rabbit hole I decided to try and find a facial/product that I could be […]

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