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Gluten Free / Low Carb Chip Alternatives

I can give up sweets but please don’t take away my chips! Here are some great gluten free / low carb chip alternatives to accompany your favorite dips.

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Easy Keto Snacks On The Go

Are you getting ready for a summer road trip? Here are some of my favorite simple keto snacks for your next adventure. You never know what the gas station is going to have and like I always say plan ahead and it’s easier to stay true to your lifestyle (food) decision.

Keto Yogurt (2 net carbs)

I’m always looking for new snacks and this one didn’t disappoint. In fact I’m not a huge yogurt fan but this was delicious. It was creamy but nice and thick. It only has 2 net carbs!

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Bombs

I’ve NEVER made fat bombs before and I’ve got to say these took a little bit of work but soooooo worth it!

This is the perfect combination of cheesecake and ice cream that makes the best 3pm snack.

Gluten Free / Low Carb Chip Alternatives

Chip alternatives that still give you a crunch: Bell Peppers Cucumbers Pork Rinds Celery Pickles While it’s always better to make your own dips and dressing, so you know what’s going in your food and there aren’t any preservatives, I know we don’t always have time to make everything from scratch. Most dips that are […]

Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Spicy Aoili Dipping Sauce (6 net carbs)

I NEVER thought I’d say I like Bussels Sprouts but here we are! LOL You guys these Brussels Sprouts are delicious. They’re roasted in coconut oil so they have this great hint of a sweetness to them. This recipe is taken from Simply Keto and it’s on page 250. I used frozen Brussels Sprouts because […]

#naptimehustle tools for fried pickles

Pyrex bowls with lids Measuring spoons Silicone scraper Spatula Measuring cups Ramekin with lids Metal slotted spoon (you’ll need a metal spoon to remove the pickles from the oil. DO NOT USE PLASTIC!) Dutch Oven (I like this one from Crock Pot) Serving Tray (I like this one from Godinger) Condiments cups for Ranch Dressing […]

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