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Since we can’t be together physically let’s be together virtually!

Hi, I’m Kelly an interior decorator at Gardens & Interiors by Suzanne. I became a full-time mother at the beginning of 2020. I live in Dallas but as Texas became a pandemic hotspot my husband moved us to the country! I spend most of my time with my daughter and husband over at Cona Casa but this blog is for my love of decorating, cooking and sharing this crazy journey with you!

Home Finds from Liketoknow.it

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Does your home have a signature scent?

Funny story …. I actually had a completely different post planned for today. I’ve been watching Netflix’s new show Emily In Paris. If you haven’t watched it you should! It’s the cutest! They’re working on a signature scent for a hotel and that’s what got me thinking. Should homes have a signature scent? Well I […]

Gearing up for the 2020 Holiday Season

This holiday season is going to look so much different than others, which is why I’ve decided to do a series on How to be a good house guest and host. What to know before the holidays! Depending on your family I would start having the holiday discussions now. Where are you going to do […]

Do not decorate with baby gear! PLEASE!!

My husband and I have been together for seven years and we’ve been to a lot of friends homes that have kids. When we found out that we were having a baby we already knew where the other one stood on most kid topics! I was so opposed to having baby / child gear in […]


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