Gluten free, sugar free, low carb and Keto recipes that have ALL been tested and family approved.

Are you looking for a new restaurant, parenting advice, or want to know how the heck I’m trying to fit in a date night to our already over scheduled week? Than this section is for you!

I’m just a thirty+ year old mom with maturing skin, body, and hair. While trying to look my best without looking like a wax figure!

I’m here to help you create a space that you love and that your guests won’t want to leave.

. . . w/ Kelly

What makes … w/Kelly different from all of the other millions of blogs on the internet? My first and full time job is being a mom. I started my blog because I had so many questions when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and diabetes. I didn’t know where to start looking. I just wanted someone to tell me what to eat! Then fast forward to being a new mom and I had even more questions.

I’ve always loved to cook and entertain but sometimes (if you’re like me) you find a new recipe on Pinterest that looks delicious and you make it and it’s HORRIBLE! I can’t tell you how many times I did that and to my poor family.

I started blogging to share with all of you what I like, what I don’t like or what I change to make it something that my family will eat. I wanted to create a resource for other people just like me. That they want to take the guess work out of everything and just have someone tell them what to eat, etc.

Yes, I share affiliate links but only for products that I use. I’m not trying to be an influencer, in fact I absolutely HATE that phrase! I’m just a mom in her late 30’s trying to keep her sanity while dealing with a dramatic two year old, age gracefully and fit in a date night with my husband somewhere in all of that chaos.

Madison Reed Hair Color

I started using Madison Reed Hair Co. Color during the pandemic and I’ve continued to use their products because they’re so great. This is seriously simple hair color at home!

Baked Salmon

Here’s my oven baked salmon recipe that’s gluten free, low carb and keto friendly with only one net carb. I’ll even show you how to turn this recipe into a full meal with one baking sheet and it makes a low carb great meal prep dish to add to your weekly rotation.

Covid in 2-Year-Old

Covid in 2-year-old and the long term side effects, including our experience with Paxlovid. Unfortunately, she was was diagnosed with asthma.

Unique Charcuterie Board Ideas

Charcuterie Board Ideas

This month’s book club is all about unique charcuterie boards and how to create and execute a stunning appetizer for your guests.

Gluten Free Bagels, Potty Training and the Kitchen Renovation Update (weekly vlog)

What a week! I tried to make gluten free bagels, we’re potty training and I’m trying to finish pulling tile in the kitchen. Please send wine 😉

Low Carb Dinner Ideas For Your Family … Tuscan Butter Salmon Recipe

A low carb dinner idea for your family. Tuscan Butter Salmon, YUM! The best part, it only has 4 net carbs!

Mac Duggal Evening Gowns

I know a little bit of something about evening gowns and being petite!

Best Seasoning For Chicken

Best seasoning for grilled chicken that’s zero carbs and zero calories. It’s my most recent Keto discovery at Sam’s Club.


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